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You just wrestled a match. Now it’s time to get ready for the next match whether it’s a dual meet or a tournament. Learning to recover quickly is essential and will help you succeed when wrestling multiple matches in a day. Here are some tips to help you recover more quickly.

Let’s start the night before a meet/tournament

1) Sleep

It has been shown that lack of adequate sleep can decrease the reduce tolerance to training, alter mood, increase the perception of fatigue and negatively affect the physiological mechanisms responsible for adaptation from the stresses of training. Hormonal secretion during sleep is one of the most important factors influencing recovery; after all, the purpose of sleep is to induce a state of recovery in the body. Anabolic (muscle-building) hormone concentrations and activity increase during sleep while catabolic (muscle-wasting) hormone concentrations and activity decrease. Disrupted or shortened sleep will negatively influence the effects of these anabolic hormones. continue reading via

Check out this video by Mel Robbins why you wake up groggy.

Morning of a tournament I’ll ask my team who did not get enough sleep last night? They look at me with worry as if the coach is about to chew us out. Of course, I say you won’t get in trouble but I need to know because if you have a lack of sleep then we need to correct it right now by taking a nap. That’s right I have my team power nap for 20 minutes only. Here’s why.

According to Ubersleep Nap based Sleep Schedules, Ubersleepers experiment a bit with the exact duration of the naps, but the consensus is that less than 15 minutes is too little, and more than 25 is too much. Some people do sleep 30 minutes, but they’re the minority. I usually sleep 18-20 minutes for a nap; longer than that and I wake more tired.

2) Protein before bed

There are weigh-ins in the morning. I recommend incorporating protein with dinner.

Barring a serious case of sleepwalking, we’re not usually giving our body nutrients while we sleep. And you probably know by now that, when we workout, we cause tiny tears in our muscle tissue.

The body immediately goes to work repairing these tears, fueled by the protein we eat. Research shows that consuming a light, protein-rich snack before bed allows our bodies to keep repairing muscles overnight. Continue reading via

3) Chocolate Milk

I highly recommend this to my wrestlers to drink chocolate milk after a match for preparing the next one match or round. I suggest getting organic chocolate milk because it’s more beneficial.

Looking for a convenient post-workout snack on the go? Chug some chocolate milk. The protein it contains will kickstart muscle recovery, and those chocolaty carbs have been shown to decrease the amount of time it takes for the body to get ready for its next challenge. Trusted Source

Looking for a convenient and delicious, post-workout snack on the go? Down some chocolate milk.

The protein it contains will kickstart said muscle recovery. Also, those chocolaty carbs have been shown in actual studies to decrease muscle soreness and the amount of time it takes for the body to get ready for its next challenge. Continue reading via

4) Eat Healthily

After depleting your energy stores with exercise, you need to refuel if you expect your body to recover, repair tissues, get stronger and be ready for the next challenge.3 This is even more important if you are performing endurance exercise day after day or trying to build muscle.

Ideally, you should try to eat within 60 minutes of the end of your workout and make sure you include some high-quality protein and carbohydrates. Continue reading via

5) Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can reduce performance potential, but also delay the recovery process. Exercise and an increased metabolic rate both increase the body’s need for water and electrolytes. It has been suggested that the minimum amount of fluid intake per day for males is 3.7L/day and 2.7L/day for females.

Our Advice: Get your minimum dose! No excuses. And be mindful of water lost from sweating; one source recommended roughly 1 L of water for every 1000 calories expended. Continue reading via

6) Cherry Juice

Stiff as a board from yesterday’s spin class or lifting session? Tart cherry juice or supplements might help reduce the swelling that occurs when muscles are damaged, allowing our bodies to recover faster and with less pain.

Shop for tart cherry juice and supplements online.

A research review that looked at the benefits of dietary supplements in athletes found that tart cherry juice reduced inflammation and the delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise. Continue reading via

While I haven’t tried Cherry juice, I know there are many benefits to cherry juice. Just remember to go organic which is better.

7) Turmeric

Make sure you’re cleared by your doctor first and don’t have any reasons to avoid them, but anti-inflammatory medications can speed muscle recovery and reduce soreness, at least in the short term.

However, if you’re trying to build muscle, research indicates that high doses of NSAIDs (drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin), may hinder exercise’s ability to increase muscle strength. Trusted Source You might consider natural anti-inflammatories like turmeric and willow bark. Continue reading via

I love this one. I choose to not use ibuprofen and aspirin because of the side effects. Turmeric is comprised of curcumin – which is a spice. It has a bitter taste so I recommend pill form. Our body only absorbs a portion of turmeric. In powder form, to increase the absorption mix it with organic unrefined organic coconut oil as a carrier oil then add in a pinch of black pepper. In pill form, get turmeric with Bioperine. Be sure to eat before taking turmeric. Check this article out why turmeric and black pepper is a Powerful combination

8) Cooldown stretching

After a tough workout, consider gentle stretching. This is a simple and fast way to help your muscles recover. Continue reading via

Static stretching is recommended after a match but strongly advised against in a warm-up routine.

8) Slow Tempo Music

Music can be great for helping us power through a tough workout — or at least distracting us from that “My legs are on fire!” feeling — but listening to relaxing tunes can also aid in exercise recovery.

Slow-tempo songs can help reduce your heart rate faster and get your blood lactate — the stuff that causes the pain in the first place — down back to resting levels more quickly after exercise. Continue reading via

9) Compression Coverings

For many athletes, it’s important to quickly regain the energy (and willpower) to run, jump, or throw once again. Research suggests wearing compression garments can help decrease muscle recovery time, especially strength recovery, between intense bouts of exercise. Continue reading via

10) Mindset Practice

Adding a mental practice to your workout routine can be a huge benefit for any athlete. Spending time practicing mental rehearsal or following a mindfulness meditation program can help process a calm, clear attitude and reduce anxiety and reactivity. Getting familiar with how your mind works, how thoughts can bounce around, and how you don’t need to attach to any of them, is a wonderful way for an athlete to recover both mentally and physically.

Additionally, practicing positive self-talk can help change the ongoing dialogue in your head. Consider using both types of mental practice during your recovery days. Continue reading via

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