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Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” is back for Season 3, and the kids of Liberty High Continue via

Take a quick read about 13 reasons why wrestling is a hit this wrestling season.

1. Martial Arts – Wrestling has takedowns, throws, and holds as martial arts. The difference are the rules.

2. Mental Toughness – Fear, confidence and attitude are all learned behaviors. If they weren’t, then everybody would have the same personality.  You will discover that much of what you’ll get out of the wrestling room, you can use in the boardroom, the classroom and the living room.  The type of skills that you’ll need to bounce back from life’s true tests: fear, failure and disappointment. Wrestling can help re-program your mind for these valuable tools by teaching you how to work through physical and mental pain and exhaustion, how to set goals and reach them and how to make failure your learning curve for success continue reading via

3. Ownership – Wrestling is a sport that makes you responsible like no other. Whether you win or lose, it’s entirely up to you. You are responsible for your training. You are responsible for making weight. You have to score. It’s all on you. There are dual competitions and team tournaments where every individual’s performance comes into play, but your teammate can’t step in to tag you out, if things aren’t going your way. You have to be ready to be ready to perform every single match. Continue reading via

4. Discipline – To be successful in wrestling, you have to develop discipline. You can’t just show up to practice whenever you want to, or else you will not be properly prepared to compete. You can’t just compete on the days that you feel like it, and you can’t just watch your diet occasionally. You have to develop and stick to a routine. If you are undisciplined in any of your efforts, it can be disastrous further down the road when you show up to a competition untrained or unprepared. You have to do the work every day. Continue reading via

5. Foundation for Other Sports – Wrestling will help you become better at other sports, especially football. Wrestlers learn how to hand fight, move their feet, maintain balance, establish angles, and use their feet. These are all essential skills for playing football at the highest level. Stephen Neal is a perfect example of an accomplished college wrestler who played for 10 years with the New England Patriots (and was on 3 Super Bowl Teams). This is an amazing accomplishment considering the fact that Stephen did not play football in college. Continue reading via

6. Growth – Sports are a great way to establish and reinforce positive personality traits and characteristics. Wrestling, in particular, embraces and teaches an array of life lessons that may not be as strongly promoted in other sports. Continue reading via

7. Confidence – When you wrestle, you can’t rely on anyone but yourself. You have to be accountable for your own successes and failures. For this reason, wrestlers must be confident. Without a positive attitude, there will be no success. From the onset, wrestlers learn to count on themselves, gaining confidence on and off the wrestling mats. Continue reading via

8. Strength – The degree of athleticism it takes to succeed in wrestling is second to none. Although many wrestlers don’t start out as “natural athletes,” wrestling improves balance, reflexes, strength, endurance, and agility. Wrestlers are often very lean and strong for their body weight. A wrestler’s physique is further reinforced by the body fat and hydration tests that are enforced at the scholastic and collegiate level. Continue reading via

9. Sportsmanship – People who have never wrestled have a hard time understanding how mentally and physically taxing it is on competitors. Because of this, wrestlers develop more than just a sense of respect for each other — they develop an admiration. They know how difficult it is to win. Opponents are always required to shake hands before and after each match. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to see foes turn into friends after the final whistle blows. Matches often end with embraces, and sometimes the loser will even raise the winner’s hand! Continue reading via

10. Physical Challenges are Acceptable – Wrestling is one of the few sports that provides opportunities for the blind and physically handicapped. Continue reading via

11. Diversity – Historically, wrestling is a “blue collar” sport that attracts student-athletes from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Continue reading via

12. First Generation Students – Wrestling ranks 1st for the most 1st generation college students at iNCAA Sports. Continue reading via

13. Opportunity – Wrestling ranks at the top of NCAA sports in opportunity for minority athletes. Continue reading via

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