About us

Our philosophy is to help a wrestler gain the edge on and off the mat. Help you with training, nutrition, breathing techniques, and mental toughness. Wrestling has changed my life for the best. I have played other sports but none can compare to wrestling. It’s affected my life by providing lessons to overcome difficult challenges in my personal life. When I lost a good friend in high school, I was blessed to have the support from my family as well as looking to wrestling with giving me the mental strength to carry on. When I lost my job, again I looked at how wrestling has given the mental strength to pick myself up.

Wrestler’s Edge Academy is not only helping a wrestler improve their performance but for those non-wrestlers to train as a wrestler either by fitness or gaining valuable mental strength to take on life’s challenges. Meanwhile, keeping you updated in the wrestling world.

Train like a wrestler. Be Wrestler Strong!

If you would like details on what else we can do visit our Contact page.

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